…Bridechilla? The Top 5 Ultimate Pre-Wedding Day De-Stressors

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Recently, I heard a great new word from an awesome bride-to-be that I’d never heard before: Bridechilla.

Having named my company Bridezilla Beauty, as a quirky spin-off based on the fact most brides I’ve dealt with have actually been super calm, cool, and collected (not to worry if this isn’t you – just keep on reading, we are here to help!), naturally, I loved the word and felt it necessary I share it with the rest of you.

As I’ve mentioned before, and as you of course know, planning a wedding can become quite stressful, and may possibly end up resulting in some ‘Bridezilla-ish’ type moments. However, or possibly better said ‘Luckily’, there are definitely ways to minimize your stress and calm any nerves you may have, so that you can be the Ultimate Bridechilla.

#1.) Get Away For A Few Days – Did I Hear… Ladies Weekend?

– ¬†Taking a vacation is always one of the best ways to relax and shake off some stress. Now I know that planning a wedding is expensive, so I am not suggesting flying across the globe with your girlfriends for a week-long venture, but instead why not take a weekend road trip to somewhere like Niagara Falls, or a cottage, or spa – somewhere that you can all just have fun together and leave any wedding talk/thoughts behind. When you return after your weekend away, you’ll feel like a breath of fresh air!

#2.) Do Something That You Haven’t Done In A Long Time That Makes YOU Happy.¬†

– As a woman, we often tend to put others before ourselves (it’s just in our nature). Because of this, we often end up losing sight of the little things that we love most. There is no better time than now to take some time for yourself and do something that will make you smile. Whether it’s as simple as taking a long bath with a big glass full of wine (or bottle…) and reading your favourite book, or doing something artistic like making a craft or painting a picture, or going on a nice long walk by yourself along the water and just enjoying nature. Whatever it is, what are you waiting for? Just do it! You’ll be amazed at how incredible you will feel after you do.

#3.) Take A Mental Health Day.

– Yes, that’s right. We’ve all heard of this ‘mental health day’, however how many of us actually ever take one? Why not take just one day to do absolutely nothing but relax & enjoy. (This includes absolutely no working, or wedding day planning or thoughts!) Stay in your pj’s all day and sit infront of the t.v. & veg out, or lay down and listen to music and read the latest celebrity gossip. ‘Wasting’ time has never felt so good.

#4.) Be Active.

– Not only will keeping active take away the stress of gaining any extra unwanted pounds before the big day, but exercising is actually extremely beneficial when dealing with high stress levels. By exercising you are releasing those happy feel-good endorphins into your body that will naturally decrease your stress levels and will help to distract you from your daily worries. Sounds like a win/win to me!

#5.) Plan A Special Date With Your Hubby-To-Be.

– Remind yourself why you’re putting yourself through all of this stress to begin with. Plan a romantic evening with your man, and plan it together! Perhaps at the place where you two first met or had your first date, or even just spend a romantic night in – whichever you prefer. Enjoy some drinks, some laughs, and some memories in the making. After a wonderfully romantic evening together, you’ll feel refreshed and more in love than ever!

Yours Truly,

The Bridezilla Beauty Team.




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