It’s Official…We have a Studio!

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I am beyond excited to FINALLY share the news that we got a studio!!!! I also could truly not be happier that the lovely and talented Liana Yates of Birch & Lace Weddings is sharing this beautiful space with us. Liana and I spent a longgg time making this studio become what it is today….hours upon hours upon hours of painting (both furniture and walls!), weeks of hunting for the right vintage pieces to use in the space and finding all of those small touches to add to the overall decor, it has been a lot of work…but I couldn’t be happier! I am absolutely in LOVE with this adorably cute good-feeling space and cannot wait to share it with all of our incredible clients for years to come.

What does this space mean for Bridezilla Beauty? Well, for wedding day services, business will remain as usual – We come to you! However, for hair and/or makeup trials, our clients will now be serviced at our cute little studio which is located at 375 Jane Street (on the 2nd floor). Feel free to bring a family member, or a friend (or two!) along with you to your trial. This space will probably be one of the most feminine places you will ever hang out in, so just come and relax, enjoy and be GIRLY! Men have ‘man caves’, so why can’t us ladies have ‘lady caves’?!

Have a look at the before & after photos below to see all of our hard-work and what we have done with the studio. I am sure that this space will always be a work in progress for us (being the creative types that we are!) but with that being said, I think it is safe to say that we are already head-over-heels *IN LOVE*!



We hope to see you there! 🙂


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