More Than Good Intentions

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Aside from a happy couple, tasty food (and a few drinks), what is the one thing that will play a huge role in how good of a time your wedding guests will have? I think it is fair to say that the answer to this question is music. Simply put, great music = great times had by all. There is something to be said about music that makes you want to dance, and that makes you feel good all over. Well, Toronto’s own The Intentions band, does just that.

The first time my ears had the pleasure of listening to this sweet music was at a Motown night downtown about 2 years ago. A friend invited my boyfriend and I out to see his friend Jon’s band play; and I am glad he did. We had such an amazing time. Not only was the music amazing, but the band themselves were quite a treat to watch. There are 11 of them in total, accompanied with a wide array of instruments, which in itself is quite the site, but their chemistry as a band is undeniable. They also really know how to dress to impress – The Whole Package.

The same friend who invited my boyfriend and I out 2 years back to see this band play, recently got married this past January and him and his now wife had decided on having The Intentions band play at their wedding, rather than having a DJ. I, along with everyone else I spoke with that night, thought that this really added something special to the evening. Everyone was having a great time, and best of all the dance floor was always full. I knew that they were doing something right when I realized I had stopped ‘listening’ to the music, and was really just ‘feeling’ the music.

If you are looking for that ‘wow’ factor for your wedding, look no further. This dynamic ensemble will fill your evening with unforgettable motown soul. Check out The Intentions along with some of their song demos at, you will not be disappointed!


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