Personalized “I Do’s”: Tips For Writing Your Own Vows

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For some of you, writing your own vows may be the easiest thing you’ve ever written in your life. For many others, it may be the opposite. Writing personalized vows is something not everyone decides to do, but for those who do I’ve decided to compile a list of tips to help get you through.

Things To Try –

1) Put dedicated time aside (whether it is 10 minutes a day, or a certain day each week) to focus on this task alone, until the vows are completed. Make sure to be in a calm and quiet environment where you can really get into the process without any distractions. Of course, if something comes to you when it is not during your ‘dedicated time’, do not hold back!

2) Be 100% honest and true to who you are. Do not be concerned about sounding silly, dumb, corny, or whatever it is that you may be concerned about. You should only be concerned about being and sounding like yourself. These vows are for you and your partner alone, do not worry about what others may think. (Although, please do keep it PG rated!)

3) Make a list. Think about what made you fall in love in the first place and write it all down. Think about the little things; their quirks, their annoying little habits that you can’t help but secretly love, and so on. This list in itself will inspire you and help you in the writing process.

4) Check with your officiant and make sure that personal vows are allowed. Sometimes they will actually require you to say traditional vows rather than personal ones.

5) Keep it short & sweet. Although this is a very important part of your day, do not get ramble on for 10-15 minutes and get your vows confused with a wedding speech. Keep them sincere and to the point and don’t get off track.

6) Avoid clich├ęs. Don’t use multiple lines that people have heard millions of times before. It will be unoriginal and it will be obvious. Originality is key.

7) Refer to a Thesaurus or the oh-so-helpful internet for synonyms when looking for a better or different word for the one you are already thinking of.

8) Practice makes perfect. Once you are confident in what you have to say, practice saying it. Say it out loud, even in front of the mirror, and do it over and over until it feels natural and flows effortlessly.

Good luck, we hope these tips have helped!




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