Short & Sweet

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With so many new wedding trends popping up each season, brides are continuously searching for that certain dress, headpiece, or bridal accessory that will make their own wedding style unique.

One trend we’ve been seeing more of recently is the short, or tea-length wedding gowns. With longer gowns still being ‘the norm’, a shorter gown is definitely one way to be different and make a statement on your wedding day.

Having a shorter gown also allows for some really fun shoe play. We’re seeing a lot of bright pops of colour in fashion right now, and one way to tie that in with your wedding day is with your shoes! While wearing a short gown, there’s no having to lift up all of that fabric to show off your awesome bright coloured heels or funky flats. Can ¬†you imagine how fun all of the pictures would be!?

What are your thoughts on this new trend?

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We’ll leave it at that, until our next blog entry – keeping it Short & Sweet, just like these dresses.


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