To Veil, Or Not To Veil…

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Many brides seem to struggle with whether or not they want to wear a veil on their wedding day. Often, brides will wear a veil for the ceremony, and opt out of wearing it for the reception. In this situation, I find that a lot of brides like to put in some sort of *hair bling* or hair accessory after the veil is removed.

Wedding veils have modernized themselves into more of a fashion statement, rather than being so focused on the history of the veil or tradition of it. They are now used more to accent the brides dress and to add to the overall look.

There are many different options & styles of veils. Different fabrics, different lengths, different cuts, the list can go on and on. From tulle to chiffon, organza to lace, and everything in between, there is definitely something for everyone.

Can’t find your ideal veil? Have something in your mind but just can’t seem to find it in any stores? Why not consider contacting a local designer to custom make your one-of-a-kind veil? Supporting local designers while bringing your ideas & vision to life – sounds like a win-win to me!

TIP: If you plan on removing your veil before your reception, make sure to have your stylist show one of the girls in your bridal party how to properly remove your veil without disturbing your hairstyle, and be sure to bring a few extra bobby pins with you just in case!

How will you decide to unveil yourself on your big day?

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