Two Bad Bricks (An Inspirational Story)

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I had the pleasure of working with a lovely bride by the name of Natalie not too long ago, and I wanted to pass on some of her inspirational wisdom to the rest of you. As I was so touched by this story, I felt the need to share! So here goes…

While getting Natalie along with her bridal party all dolled up, Natalie told me a short story that she had heard from a close friend of hers. This is a famous story that goes by the name of ‘Two Bad Bricks’. The story is about a monk who decided to build his first brick wall. When he had finished building the wall, all he could focus on were two bad bricks that were not perfect like the others. He was so frustrated that he wanted to tear the whole wall down and start over, but the abbot said no.

When people would come to visit the monastery, the man would always try to avoid letting anyone see the brick wall. However, one day someone said casually “That’s a very nice wall”. The man was shocked. He replied by saying “Are you visually impaired, can you not see the two bad bricks that are spoiling the whole wall? The response he got shocked him. “Yes, I can see the two bad bricks, but I can also see the 998 good bricks as well”. For the first time, he was able to see the other bricks on the wall apart from the other two mistakes. Now that he could see the good bricks, the wall didn’t look so bad after all.

The same bride that shared this story with me contacted me a few days after her wedding to thank me for being a part of her special day, but also to tell me that her Limo driver never showed up to pick up her & her bridal party, so she was late to her own wedding. This of course was quite stressful for her, until her ever so smart & sweet 13-year-old niece looked her in the eyes and calmly said “Remember – Two Bad Bricks…”.

So, to all of you brides-to-be, should anything happen on the day of your wedding that isn’t to plan, just think about everything else amazing and perfect about that day and remember this story, and I hope that it will be enough to relieve some stress and put a smile on your face. 🙂




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