Wedding Do’s & Don’ts

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In my years of working within the bridal industry and being there for the start of many brides’ big days, I’ve definitely picked up on quite a few useful tips & tricks that I thought I would share with you (take it or leave it, but this is good stuff, I promise you!)

I’ve been part of hundreds of weddings in the last few years so I definitely pick up on what works, what doesn’t, and the little things that you may not even think of. So, since I’m in a giving mood, here is my gift to you; my personal list of wedding Do’s & Don’ts.

The *DO* List:

  • Try your best to get a good nights rest (…Cough *Sleeping pill* Cough…)
  • If you are having an early start to the day, have coffee, tea and treats ready and available for yourself and your bridal party. It is important to remember to eat! For those not-so-early-risers, they’ll be happy to have some much needed caffeine kicking around.
  • If someone does a Starbucks run, have them get the barista to put your name as ‘Bride’ or ‘Bride to Be’ or ‘Mrs. ____’ or something along those lines – makes for a super cute photo!
  • Remember to take off any bras (or at least the straps, if you aren’t already wearing a strapless) a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour before getting into your dresses (this is for the bride and the bridal party!) Bra strap marks (especially when tight) can stay on your skin for sometimes up to an hour. I think it is safe to say that this probably is not the look that you are going for in your photos
  • Have music playing. Perhaps even prepare a fun wedding playlist prior to the big day so that you have something to listen to while everyone is getting ready. This is meant to be the best day of your life – Enjoy it! 🙂
  • Mimosas are always a fun edition – just a thought!
  • Remember to always keep hydrated. H20, H2O, H20…
  • If there are certain photos that are very important for you to have taken (ie. a photo of your mother helping you put on your dress) make sure to have a list of these ‘must have’ photos drafted up that you can give to your photographer the morning of, to make sure to avoid any disappointment. No chance for any re-do’s here!
  • Have a team of beauty professionals come to you to get you and your bridal party all dolled up for the big day. You are paying a lot for your wedding photos (which will last a lifetime!) so why not look and feel your best? Besides, being pampered on the morning of the big day will help you and everyone else relax and have a good time! (Of course you knew this was coming) 😉
  • Have a schedule for the bridal beauty services so that you know who goes when for their services and no valuable time is wasted. Leave yourself (the bride) towards closer to the end of the services so that you feel most fresh for your ceremony.
  • Have anyone that is having beauty services provided wear a button up shirt to make sure that nothing gets ruined when getting changed into the bridal attire
  • Keep straws around for you and everyone else to drink from after having your makeup done
  • If you or anyone in your bridal party wears contacts, remember to put them in before having your makeup done
  • Keep a clear nail polish on hand. This can become a lifesaver if someones nail polish begins to chip or stocking begins to tear!
  • Remember to take a bathroom break BEFORE getting into your dress. (This includes brushing your teeth as well!)
  • Have a little day kit packed in one of your bridesmaids purses which includes mints, lipstick for touching up, a few extra bobby pins *just in case* and some blotting papers.
  • Always allow for extra wiggle room within your schedule. If you think that getting ready for you and your bridal party will take 4 hours, set aside 5 hours instead. More time is better than not enough time!
  • Have all of your payments for each and every vendor set aside in envelopes with the company name on it prior to the big day. Then, on the morning of, put one of your bridesmaids in charge of handing out the payments for the day. The last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is scrambling for your wallet and trying to figure out payments
  • Ask your bridal party to bring a lipstick or lipgloss with them to have the artist use on them when having their makeup done so that everyone has something to touch up with throughout the day
  • Don’t forget to put on deodorant and your favourite perfume
  • HAVE FUN! Oh…and Get Married!!!

The *DON’T* List:

  • Do not overdrink the night before. Headaches and hangovers are never fun, especially when you’re about to be walking down the aisle
  • If you feel the urge to blow your nose – Dab, do not blow!
  • Do not stress over the little things. Things may sometimes not go perfectly to plan, but at this point, you need to just have faith that everything is going to work out and just enjoy yourself, this is meant to be the best party/day of your entire life!
  • Do not forget to shave!
  • Do not try anything new last minute. Please do not get inspired to try a new face mask that morning, or a new medication that you’ve never tried before, etc.. – you want good surprises only on your wedding day!
  • Do not become a Bridezilla (Everyone’s worst nightmare!). Remember that everyone who is around you is there to support you and is there because they love you. Deep breaths ladies!
  • Do not forget to take it all in. This *hopefully* is only going to happen once in your life!

Definitely more Do’s than there are Don’ts – Thankfully!

Hope this helps! Until next time 😉


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