Our Vision

Alyssa Wenzel, Founder & Creative Director of Bridezilla Beauty, is a firm believer in the saying “Laughter is the best medicine”. As by now you may know, planning a wedding can at points become quite stressful, which is where the name Bridezilla Beauty stems from. Sit back, kick your feet up, and take a minute to allow yourself to be silly, and to laugh at yourself. Afterall, the best cosmetic is a smile!

Our goal is to have each and every bride feeling glamourous and stress free on their wedding day, and to provide exceptional personal and customized makeup & hairstyling services from leading industry professionals to brides & bridal parties located within Toronto and the GTA.

Hand picked by Alyssa, the Bridezilla Beauty Team is made up of a diverse group of talented artists with a vast assortment of style & creativity, but that all share one commonality – the love of bridal beauty. So whether you are the au natural type, the oh-so-glamorous type, the vintage or modern type – or somewhere in between – We’ve got you covered.

Your wedding day will be amongst the most memorable days of your life, so why not indulge and allow yourself and your bridal party to be pampered by our team of professionals on such a special day? We bring our services to you, so there is no need to get out of those comfy pj’s or to feel rushed on the morning of.

Beauty At Your Doorstep.

The Process


Booking Your Bridal Beauty Trial

It’s as simple as just one quick phone call or email away. A trial is highly recommended for bridal clients as this allows you & your artist to get to know each other before the big day, and helps the artist to properly understand your bridal beauty vision. It also saves time & any possible stress on your wedding day. With that being said, we’ve got a solid team of incredible artists, so if for some reason you decide to opt out of the trial, we’re still confident that you’ll end up thrilled with your services!


Customized Bridal Beauty

A bridal makeup & hairstyle customized just for you? That’s right. We know that every bride is unique and beautiful, which is why every bride deserves her own unique & specialized bridal beauty look. Providing reference photos from magazines or online images is a great way to help the artist truly understand your personal style preferences. If you are unsure of how you want to look, just leave it to the professionals. Our talented team of artists will help guide you in the direction of a bridal beauty look perfectly suited to your unique personality & style. Cue ‘sigh of relief’.


The Ultimate Pampering Experience

We know that when it comes to your wedding day, every extra minute of beauty sleep counts – for so many reasons! That’s why we want to help save you time, sleep & energy by coming to you. So stay put, stay comfy, and let the Bridezilla Beauty Team provide beauty at your doorstep; the ultimate pampering experience. What more could a bride and her bridal party ask for?

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